My Services

I offer high quality administrative and operations assistance. On this page read about my services, the money saving benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, and a little about my work ethic.

Virtual Assistance


As a natural writer and record keeper with an instinctive eye for detail, I work with all manner of documents, reports and administration. The services I offer (but which are not limited to), include:

  • Research
  • Typing / transcription
  • Proof reading
  • Document creation
  • Document formatting
  • Spreadsheet creation
  • Devising processes
  • Writing procedures
  • Copy editing documents
  • Credit control support
  • Operations support
  • Data entry
  • Maintaining website content
  • Managing auto-responders

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

The major benefit of using a virtual assistant is the money saving aspect. Using a virtual assistant works out more cost effective because it works more efficiently;

  • Only pay for productive hours (which are recorded)
  • See the effectiveness of scalable and flexible assistance
  • Create time for yourself to do the tasks which you enjoy, and for which bring your company success
  • Feel more organised in the k knowledge that you have capable assistance when requested
  • Relax with a better work / life balance!

Responsibilities that, as an employer, you probably won’t mind losing out on are listed below!

  • Payroll
  • additional office space to pay tax or National Insurance to pay
  • sickness, holiday or maternity pay employee benefit packages
  • pensions contributions training costs
  • HR issues


What can I expect from M A Young VA Services?

I do not currently outsource any of my work, and some characteristics of my working style are listed below.

  • Thoroughness – detail orientated, and an innate eye for minor errors
  • Clarity – the initial meeting will agree on the work outline and timescales
  • Communication – I am contactable by phone/ and email and will do likewise if and when needed
  • Reliability – as expected
  • Experience – As mentioned, almost ten years within financial services (PA work, Risk support and Banking Operations Officer), recruitment, property and telecoms - all supporting Executives, Directors and MD’s. It’s unlikely that I will not be able to assist you.

PA and Administrator Training


I really enjoy developing my PA and administrator training, because I started it with a view to really change the mindset of the unhappy administrator, and to help them enjoy their job and become more productive! In these two day courses, I break down the ideal way of working into coherent, realistic methods which will hopefully result in a smoother and more effective administrative function in your office. It will also provide a real morale boost because I tackle what I believe to be the common issues experienced within the administrative persons’ role in today’s office, and while doing so will provide positive, proven solutions.

The training would take place in-house and be learned in or near the administrator’s own working space, which means that it is much like a tailor made session.

Efficiency = productiveness = better communication = order = harmony = happiness = less turnover of staff