Pricing Structure


By the Hour

I charge an hourly rate of £28. Each hour is tracked, rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes and sent to you in a time report alongside your invoice.

My hourly rate is competitive with other Virtual Assistants with similar experience.

By Project

We may agree on a fixed price for a particular task or project. This is sometimes the case for projects where there is information to collate form various people or sources, and where there is a combination of research, formatting, copy editing etc all in one or several documents.

Monthly Retainer

A monthly retainer package is basically a number of hours you purchase to reserve, or “retain” my time each month. This guarantees that for whatever work you request, it will be utilised with this available time in my books.

  • I keep track of my time and let you know if you’re nearing your limit so you don’t have to worry about spiralling costs.
  • I record every hour (and then in 15 minute increments) to specific tasks regardless of how the client pays, and the breakdown is sent along with the invoice.