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Please contact me via the enquiry form below and I will respond to you within 48 hours.

 Alternatively, feel free to contact me on 07834 390 761.     


I would like to hire your services. What is the process of us working together?

First we discuss your overall requirements in an inital meeting, and in doing so, if happy to proceed, set out the specific tasks that you need doing with an outline/objective and deadline. I will listen to what you want and we will arrange the best process to achieve this easily.

I will then email a contract and T&C’s for signing which will include the work outline we discussed, with any relevant timescales and price. 

I am interested in the services you offer but my business is not related to your industry experience.  

Due to the bulk of my experience having been in one industry, I do specialise in working with Financial Service professionals. However, I have gained alot of experience in other industries too and therefore offer the broad scope of administrational work. If your request is admin related, it is very unlikely that I will be unable to help.

If you cannot see the type of service you are looking for, or are unsure how I might be able to help you in your field of work, do get in contact. 


I am not local to Bedfordshire; would this be an issue? 

I work virtually so I do not expect you to have to be local, or even within 100 miles. With regards to a face to face meeting, I am a fairly short train ride away from London so this is useful for the initial consultation for many clients. I am flexible on our initial contact.

I carry out my work completely virtually (apart from the occasional training visit).


What are your terms of working?

Terms of working will be sent out before commencement of work and these are standard for virtual assistant work, and ensure that both the client and service provider are fairly treated. I abide by the Data Protection Act (1998).