A little about me


Since graduating in History of Art back in 2006 I have worked as a Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant and Banking Operations Officer over the course of 10 years; the majority of this time within Financial Services. I have provided top level support to international banking corporations and financial consultancies but also smaller businesses outside of London in other industries. 

I have a good understanding of the general requirements and some of the challenges faced within Financial Services operations, compliance and risk, and, as is in my nature, I have worked on improving the clarity and structure of processes by suggesting changes and then working with the IT build team to implement these. I have created operational processes and used my experience to provide credit control solutions in later roles.


I really enjoy helping consultants and business owners succeed in whichever way I can, whether it be in writing documents, transcribing recordings; putting an existing structure on paper in the form of a flow chart; or creating a spreadsheet to track work records. My thorough, detail driven nature is combined with experience working in high pressure environments. I am happy to undertake any task virtually, that is within the scope of the administrator.

I also offer administrative training for administrative employees.

As naturally organised as any administrator or PA may be, hardly anyone is inherently born with an ability to juggle a high workload of varying tasks, in an often noisy (open plan) environment, while wearing different ‘hats’, and assisting several people with different personalities. In most cases, even the Executive Assistant has never been trained on the key approaches and methods that are the characteristics of a really good PA.

I was not skilled or particularly confident in my role to start off with, having been plonked in an office with high stakeholders with little time to communicate with me; in fact, I had no clear idea of what my role directly affected!

From my observation, I saw that what often happens is that the new administrator takes on a lot of work, without the proper knowledge of how to plan, prioritise and work through tasks in an effective manner as well as providing value to the business they work for. We all know that nowadays offices are often staffed to the bare minimum, and this means that there are likely to be more elements and techniques are needed to cope with the role. A good person may end up leaving your company if they feel ill equipped or lacking the confidence to address work load issues.

I have learned essential PA skills and techniques from true professionals in this area, and I was valued and respected in the roles I asserted these methods in. I would love to teach others how to improve the quality of their input and well-being within their integral office role.

I also completed a certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling in 2012, as well as various training courses such as Assertiveness Skills, Presentation Skills, Excel and Document Design.

The course is broken down into coherent, understandable methods and these are provided in a printed guide as well that they may refer to.

If you can cut out all those years of learning for your assistant, then why not give it a go. Compared to other official training providers, I offer real value for money, and on a 1:1 basis! Contact me for more information on the course structure.

Please see the Services page if you'd like to know whether I can help you and your business save time and achieve more.